JP Forms

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JP408 Criminal Appeals
JP401 Civil Traffic Appeals
JP410 Appeal a Civil Judgment Packet
JP205 Request for Digital Recording

Form#                         CIVIL FORMS   Civil Fee Schedule
JP133 Civil Case Notice
JP90A Civil Fee Schedule
JP700 Application for Deferral or Waiver of Court Fees or Costs and Consent
JP403 Civil Summons and Complaint
JP27 Answer
JP44 Civil Motion (Provide Self Addressed Envelopes)
JP225 Notice Regarding Prompt Disclosure Information
JP54 Notice of Service of Disclosure Statement
JP67 Disclosure Statement
JP131 Motion to Set and Certificate of Readiness
JP22 Civil Subpoena
JP405 Default Judgment Packet
JP18 Order
JP155 Counterclaim
JP156 Reply to Counterclaim

Form#                   CIVIL TRAFFIC FORMS
JP90B Civil Traffic & Criminal Fee Schedule – Effective 3-18-13
JP151A Civil Traffic Motion
use this form for defendant’s request for continuance
JP41 Officer's Continuance Request
JP246 Criminal and Civil Traffic Compromise

Form#               COLLECTION FORMS   Civil Fee Schedule
JP193 Collection of a Money Judgment
JP404 Petition Supplemental Proceeding Debtor's Exam
JP600 Garnishment Forms (Non-earnings)
JP601 Garnishment Forms (Earnings)
JP407 Writ of Execution

Form#                         CRIMINAL FORMS
JP90B Civil Traffic & Criminal Fee Schedule – Effective 3-18-13
JP151B Criminal Motion
use this form for defendant's request for continuance
JP20 Criminal Subpoena
JP210 Bond Request
JP246 Criminal and Civil Traffic Compromise
JP228 Community Restitution Requirements and Resource List
JP165 Application and Order to Set Aside Judgment Accusation and Penalties
JP181 Counseling Guide


Form#                   EVICTION FORMS    Civil Fee Schedule
JP12 Eviction Instructions to Plaintiff
JP06 Eviction Summons & Complaint
JP255 Emergency Eviction Resource List for Tenants (English)
JP255SP Recursos de Emergencia Para Inquilinos Por Desahucio
(Spanish Eviction Resource)
JP406 Writ of Restitution

JP98 Resource List
JP110 Homeless Court Agency Form                   
JP150 Change of Address Form                   
JP736 Petition for TTEAP Hold Waiver                   

Form#                      PROTECTIVE ORDER FORMS
JP500 Petition Packet for an Order of Protection
or Injunctions Against Harassment
JP703 Application for Deferral or Waiver Service of Process Fees for
Injunctions Against Harassment and Consent

Form#            RECORDS FORMS
JP77 Public Records Request                         
JP90C Records Fee Schedule – Effective 6-12-13

Form#                SMALL CLAIMS FORMS    Civil Fee Schedule
JP402 Small Claims Summons and Complaint,
and Instructions for Plaintiff
JP123 Request to Transfer to Civil
JP124 Stipulation to use of Attorney
JP125 Counterclaim and Reply to Counterclaim
JP119 Small Claims Motion
JP121 Small Claims Request for Continuance and Order
JP127 Small Claims Objection to Hearing Officer
JP404 Petition Supplemental Proceeding Debtor's Exam
JP405 Default Judgment Packet
JP122 Motion for Change of Venue