For your convenience we have provided a list of commonly asked questions.

When is the Court open?
The court is open Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except observed holidays.

Where is the Court located?
The main courthouse is located at 240 N Stone Avenue, on the southeast corner of Tool Avenue and Stone Avenue. For directions, click here.

Where do I park?
There is now a parking garage connected to the building (240 N. Stone Ave) for your convenience:
From the North - Starting at Stone Ave. and Toole Ave., go east on Toole Ave. to Grosetta. Turn right onto Grosetta and the entrance to the parking garage will be on the right.
From the South - Starting at Toole Ave. and 6th Ave., go west on Alameda St. to Grosetta. Turn right onto Grosetta and the entrance to the parking garage will be on the left.
There is also a parking garage (Public Works) next to the YMCA on the corner of Church Ave. and Alameda St.
For a map click here.

Can I contact a judge by telephone or email?
Judges are prohibited from receiving email and telephone calls from defendants or parties in pending or active cases.

How do I pay my civil traffic or parking ticket?
Payments can be made as follows:
    - To pay online, click here.
    - To pay by phone call us at (520)724-3171
    - In-Person at 240 N Stone Avenue,
    - Mail a check, money order, or cashier check with a copy of your citation to the address below.
        Pima County Consolidated Justice Court
        240 N Stone Avenue,
        Tucson, Arizona 85701

What happens if I miss my court date?
Contact the court immediately at 520-724-3171. If you received a traffic ticket and fail to appear for your court date your license may be suspended and a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Additional fees may be added onto your case and your case may be referred to a collection agency.

How do I find my case?
If you misplaced or lost your documents, click here to search your case online.

How do I find my court date?
To find your court date, click here to access our online calendar.

How do I sign up for Defensive Driving School?
For information about Defensive Driving School click here.

Can you tell me if my license has been suspended?
To find out if your license has been suspended, contact the Motor Vehicle Division at 520-629-9808 or 1-800-251-5866.

What do I do if there is a warrant for my arrest?
In order to quash the warrant, you must appear at the courthouse (240 N Stone Avenue) and request a hearing

How do I file a small claims complaint?
You must file the complaint in person at our location (240 N. Stone Ave.) Click here for directions

How do I file a civil complaint?
You must file the complaint in person at our location (240 N. Stone Ave.) Click here for directions

How do I obtain an Order of Protection or Injunction Against Harassment?
You may file a petition for an order of protection or injunction against harassment at any court. For more information on an Order of Protection, click here.
For more information on an Injunction Against Harassment, click here.

How do I request a copy of court proceeding?
All court hearings are digitally recorded. If you would like an audio copy of your hearing on a CD, complete the "Request for Digital Recording form", and submit the request to the court. Once the Court receives the request it will be processed within five business days. The fee for each CD is $20.00 and prepayment is required. If more than one CD will be required, the Court will contact you. Unless otherwise requested, CDs are copied in audio format. The court will notify you once the CD is ready for pick up.

To obtain a written transcript of a proceeding, contact AVTranz at 1-800-257-0885 or complete an online order form at . Select the "Order" option from the top menu bar. Fill out the order form and review the "Audio Method" for audio information, then submit your request after you have accepted their terms. AVTranz will inform you of the cost of the transcript. Note: You must have your case number, case name, and hearing date that you want transcribed. AVTranz will notify you when your transcript is ready.

How do I obtain a copy of my court record or case file?
Download the Public Records Request Form. Fill out the form and submit it, by mail or in person, to the Records Department located at 240 N. Stone Ave. Tucson AZ 85701 on the corner of Stone and Alameda. You can find the location by clicking here.  

How do I schedule a wedding?
Weddings are conducted at the courthouse at 5:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday, excluding public holidays. Justices of the Peace also perform private weddings upon request. For more information click here.