The Pima County Consolidated Justice Court is a court of limited jurisdiction, which means that the court is limited to the types of cases it can address. The court is authorized to hear:

  • initial appearances and preliminary hearings
  • petty offenses, misdemeanors and criminal traffic matters
  • parking citations
  • civil traffic citations
  • county ordinance violations
  • civil matters $10,000 or less
  • small claims matters $3,500 or less
  • protective orders and injunctions against harassment
  • marriage ceremonies
Because the City Court also handles misdemeanors and traffic tickets, citizens are often confused about whether they should appear in the Justice Court or City Court. If you were arrested or cited by any law enforcement agency outside the city limits, your ticket will indicate to appear in our court 240 N Stone Avenue. If the Tucson Police Department arrested or cited you, it is very likely that your case will be handled by the City Court.

If you are seeking an Order of Protection or an Injunction against Harassment, you can file the petition at the Justice Court, City Court or Superior Court.