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Welcome to our new calendar search page!

Whether you’re a party on a case or an attorney, we now have new ways to search the court calendar. Better search options and filters will provide an easier way to find a case, and to know when to appear at the courthouse for your scheduled time. For your convenience, there are Quick Access calendars already populated with “Today’s” calendar. Each one has a short description describing the information or types of cases that each calendar already contains. Once you choose a calendar, you may sort the information further.
All Calendar Events
Shows all calendar events scheduled for today, sorted by party name.
Judges' Calendar
Shows all cases heard by:
  • Judge
  • Judge Pro Tem
  • Hearing Officer
  • Small Claims Hearing Officer
Sorted by Judges' names and party name.
Criminal Calendar
Shows all scheduled criminal cases. They include:
  • Criminal DUI
  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor
  • Misdemeanor Traffic
Civil Calendar
Shows all scheduled civil cases. They include:
  • Eviction Actions
  • Injunction Against Harassment
  • Injunction Against Harassment - Workplace
  • Livestock Liens
  • Order of Protection
  • Regular Civil Case
  • Small Claims
Traffic Calendar
Shows all scheduled traffic cases. They include:
  • Civil Traffic
  • Parking
  • Photo Enforcement

There are also more specific search options available to find exactly the case(s) you are looking for quickly. They are described as follows:

If you know the case number, enter the number in the Case Number field. A full case number may be displayed in the following manner Example, CR17-000999-MI
  • CR = Case Type (Criminal, Civil, etc.)
  • 000999 = Case Number
  • MI = Case Sub Type (Misdemeanor, DUI, Eviction Action, etc.)
If you don’t know the whole case number, the calendar search can still search on partial numbers.
If you do not know the case number, you may enter the Defendant’s or Plaintiff’s Name. Format: 'Last Name, First Name'.
For attorneys looking for cases assigned under their name they may enter their name in the drop down menu to see all cases scheduled in a specific time range. Format: 'Last Name, First Name'.
If you’d like to see all cases scheduled for a particular judge either for the current Calendar Date or a specific Calendar Date range, you may choose the name of the judge in the drop down menu.
The Calendar Date Range Start and End Date fields will default to the current date (today) through 60 days later. The Start Date cannot go back in time, but you can start your search from a future date. The End Date must come after the date you choose from the Start Date. You can also click a button below (i.e Today, In 7 days, In 30 days, etc.) to quickly set the date range. Note: we use Mountain Standard Time for our calendar times.

In the Advanced Search section, there are more case specific fields that are available to search by.
Cases fall under a certain type. For example, criminal, civil, traffic, etc. It is represented by the first two letters in a case number. This option is available if you are searching for all cases scheduled that are of a certain case type. Example: all Criminal cases.
Events are the different ways cases are heard in front of a judge. The most common being arraignments, hearings, and trials. This option is available if you are searching for all cases that are scheduled as a specific event. Example: all criminal arraignments.
SEARCH BY Charge Code:
A Charge Code is a code on a citation that represents the charge, or violation. This includes speeding, running a red light, not wearing a seat belt, etc. These are listed on the citation that the officer issued to the defendant, and are displayed in the following manner: 28-797F. This search option allows you to search all cases scheduled that have a specific ARSCode. Example: all cases with charges under ARSCode 28-797F.

You may also use a combination of the choices: for example, you may choose to search for a particular name, between the Calendar dates of 1/1/2018 and 1/31/2018, and scheduled under a specific judge’s name.

Click Load Calendar located at the bottom after making your selections.

All Calendar Events
Judges' Calendar
Criminal Calendar
Civil Calendar
Traffic Calendar

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