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Our Court records are maintained in accordance with Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona, Rule 29. Court Records, subsections (A) and (D). Court records may be destroyed in accordance with approved minimum retention and disposition schedules. Court records include any documentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristic, such as information maintained in a case management system that may be used to reproduce a document and any other case related data, including a photographic or electronic reproduction or image substituted for the original.

NOTICE: In accordance with Arizona Supreme Court Rule 123, ARS 22-281, and 12-304 Records fees will be applied to each inquiry completed.

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Under provisions of ARS 39-121, Public Records Law, I am requesting that the Pima County Consolidated Justice Court release the requested public records to me, as authorized by law.
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For a listing of all applicable fees, refer to the Records Unit Customer Service Fee Schedule JP90C.
All requests for public records will be processed as soon as possible but no later than five business days. Per Rule 123 of the Arizona Supreme Court all "confidential" or "closed" documents will be removed prior to viewing a case file. If copies are requested, the clerk will redact and remove "confidential" information prior to release.