Civil Traffic Hearing Request

If you were cited for a civil traffic moving violation and wish to contest it, you can request a hearing with a civil traffic hearing officer by mail or email. We must receive your request prior to the court date written on your ticket. Simply complete the form below and submit it to the Court. Once the Court has received your request, a hearing will be scheduled based on the Court's availability and you will be notified of the trial date by mail or email.

By requesting a hearing for the moving violation you are giving up the option to attend defensive driving school.

You must appear on your scheduled hearing date or your license will be suspended.

A traffic hearing may not be necessary if you were cited for any of the non-moving violations listed below:

28-448A Change of Address
28-907A, B No Child Restraint
28-922 through 28-964 Equipment Violations
28-1177A Operating OHV Without Decal
28-2058 through 28-2060 Transfer of Title
28-2153A, B1 and B2 No Registration/Expired
28-2158C No Registration in Possession
28-2512D1 Improper Display/Off-Road Plate
28-2532A No Registration
28-2354A1 through 28-2354B3 License Plates/Attachment
28-2354C License Plate State Obscured
28-3151A No Valid License/Motorcycle Endorsement
28-3169A No License in Possession
28-4135A, B, and C No Insurance
28-4139A Suspended License Plate

To learn more about your options you must appear in person or contact the Court by phone.

**Please Note: If your case is in default status, you can file a motion online, appear in person or contact the Court at (520) 724-3171 for further information.**
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In order to properly schedule a civil traffic hearing, your case number is required. Please find your case number here:

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