Problem Solving Courts

Animal Welfare Court

Presided by the Honorable Kendrick Wilson

Animal Welfare Court is a problem solving court that addresses and provides a specialized treatment modality for defendants accused of more serious misdemeanor offenses involving animal abuse or repeat offenders charged with animal related offenses. It provides the opportunity for several Pima County agencies to work with serious misdemeanor violators who have come into contact with criminal justice systems and who face a sentence of jail time and/or supervised probation. Animal Welfare Court is a collaborative process that includes The Pima County Attorney's Office, Pima County Public Defender's Office, The Pima County Animal Care Center, Pima County Adult Probation, Office of Court Appointed Counsel, and The Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Behavioral Health Court

Presided by the Honorable Erica Cornejo

Behavioral Health Court is a diversionary program where service agencies provide treatment and services to defendants with mental illness and oversee compliance with treatment orders. Defendants who successfully complete their treatment orders will have their criminal charges dismissed.

Domestic Violence Court

Presided by the Honorable Adam Watters

Domestic Violence Court is a program developed as a result of a grant written by the Pima County Adult Probation Department. Its purpose is to focus on the needs of the community as it relates to domestic violence and the victims of domestic violence offenses.

Homeless Court

Presided by the Honorable Charlene Pesquiera

Homeless Court was established for homeless defendants who are residing in a homeless shelter or receiving services from homeless counseling programs for at least six months. The purpose of the program is to help homeless defendants resolve their outstanding cases. To participate in Homeless Court, a written request must be submitted to the Court by the case manager from the agency that the defendant is receiving assistance. If you are a representative from a homeless agency and wish to submit a request to the Court, you may utilize the Homeless Court Agency Form.

Veterans Treatment Court

Presided by the Honorable Adam Watters

Veterans Treatment Court is a diversionary program that provides the opportunity for the Veterans Affairs (VA) to work with veterans who have come in contact with the criminal justice system and offer treatment services as an alternative to jail. As a veteran, the defendant is offered an array of services through the VA at no cost.

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