Pima County Consolidated Justice Court

Here to Help.

We have implemented new ways to help you access all of our services safely and confidently.

Health & Safety Guidelines

  • Based on CDC & Pima County Health Dept. guidelines, new health and safety measures have been implemented to keep everyone safe while visiting the courthouse.
  • Browse our many online services to save a trip to the courthouse.

Video, Telephonic & Court Appearances

  • The court is limiting in person court appearances. Most hearings will be scheduled as a telephonic or Zoom video appearance.
  • Find Instructions on how to appear for your scheduled hearing via Zoom video or via telephone.
  • Information about attending a Public Hearing.

Other Services & Information

  • New information regarding evictions.
  • The court will remain open to assist customers with Orders of Protection. A petition for a protection order can be filed electronically and the petitioner can appear by telephone.
  • New options for weddings.

New Health & Safety Measures

All persons entering the courthouse must pass a wellness check, and must wear a mask or face covering at all times while in the courthouse. A mask shall not conceal your identity. You must comply with safe distancing protocols.

If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, fever, cough, or difficulty breathing you should not come to the courthouse. Please contact our customer service line at (520) 724-3171, or visit our contact page at jp.pima.gov/ContactUs for assistance.

Safe new ways to attend hearings

You can find the Zoom ID on the Notice of Remote hearing that the court has mailed to all parties to the address on record. Meeting ID's are different for each case type and hearing date. If you do not know your meeting ID for you scheduled remote appearance please call us at (520) 724-3171.

1. Zoom Video


Please go to: www.zoom.us/j and type in the meeting ID. For example: https://zoom.us/j/1234567890.

To appear via video conference on Zoom, you must have an internet connection. You can use a smart phone, iPad/tablet, or computer/laptop that has sound & video capability. You will also need to install the Zoom App (www.zoom.us) before the time of the hearing.

Upon connecting to the Zoom hearing, you will be placed in a "waiting room". Do not hang up or close the Zoom application. A courtroom clerk will check-in with you, and you will be brought in to the meeting room when the judge is ready to begin.

2. Telephonic


Dial 1-669-900-6833 (toll free) and type in the meeting ID.

Upon connecting to the meeting, you will be placed in a "waiting room" until staff can speak with you.

You do not need the Zoom application to appear by telephone.

*Pursuant to Administrative Order 2020-1, attorneys are permitted to appear telephonically and waive the presence of their client with the exception of changes of plea and sentencing.

3. If you do not have the ability to appear remotely

The court will have phones available if you do not have the ability to appear remotely.

A face mask must be worn when entering the building. A temperature check must be conducted upon entering the building. Please notify security personnel once you enter the building and you will be directed to the designated phone area.

In-Custody Video Hearings and Preliminary Hearings will resume as normal.

Help with Evictions

What's new, and where to get help.

Notice to Landlord - Postponement of Eviction Action

The Center for Disease Control has issued an order temporarily halting evictions for non-payment of rent in certain situations.
For more information, click here: CDC Order Summary 09-04-20

Due to the outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), on March 24, 2020, Govenor, Douglas A. Ducey issued Executive Order 2020-14, which permits tenants to qualify for delay in enforcement of eviction actions in certain circumstances.

Debido al brote de la enfermedad del nuevo coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), el gobernador Douglas A. Ducey emitió la Orden ejecutiva 2020-14 el 24 de marzo de 2020, la cual les permite a los inquilinos pedir que se prorrogue la ejecución de demandas de desalojo en ciertas circunstancias.

To qualify a tenant must notify the landlord or property owner of any of the circumstances listed below on paper, email, text, or the form below. The tenant should keep copies of what was sent to the landlord to show to any peace officer or constable who comes to the residence to evict the tenant and to show the court, if needed.

Para reunir los requisitos de dicha prórroga, el inquilino debe avisar al arrendador o dueño de la propiedad de cualquiera de las siguientes circunstancias, ya sea por escrito en papel por correo electrónico, por texto o en el siguiente formulario. Los inquilinos deben guardar una copia de todo lo que se mande al arrendador para enseñarlo a cualquier agente de orden público o auxiliar de justicia (constable) que llegue a la vivienda con el fin de desalojar al inquilino y para enseñarlo al juez, si es necesario.

File a Protection Order Remotely

A petitioner must start the protection order process online at https://azpoint.azcourts.gov/. Once the process is complete you will be provided a unique confirmation number.

Once a confirmation number is generated the petitioner can contact the court at (520) 724-3942 Monday through Friday 8:00am until 4:30pm. A clerk will verify that the petition meets the requirements for a hearing then arrange a time for a judge to call you directly.

After 4:30 PM weekdays or at any time on a weekend or holiday, an emergency Order of Protection can be requested by contacting the Tucson Police Department (520-741-4444) or the Pima County Sheriff's Department (520-724-4900). In case of an emergency, call 911.

Fees to File

Orders of Protection and Injunctions of Harassment are free to file with the court.
A filing fee of $103.00 is required to file an Injunction Against Workplace Harassment.

Fees for Service

There is no fee to serve an Orders of Protection.
A fee is required to serve an Injunction Against Harassment or an Injunction Against Workplace Harassment.
Fees to be determined by the serving agency.

Public Hearings

Attend a hearing as a member of the public.

If you would like to observe a specific hearing(s), you must provide a case number, hearing date and time. If you do choose to remotely observe a hearing, please be patient as the hearing may not begin at the exact time scheduled. You may contact our Customer Service line at (520)724-3171 or via the Contact Page on our website at http://www.jp.pima.gov/ContactUs/.


The Court is currently hearing the majority of our cases telephonically via a conferencing application. If the case is being held using that method, you will be given a call-in number and identification code. You will be placed into the call; however, you will not be able to participate in the hearing. When you speak to the clerk that is managing the hearing, you must identify yourself as a “Gallery Member.”


Some cases are being held using video conferencing. In those cases, you will be provided instructions regarding joining the meeting via ZOOM. You may use the ZOOM application or connect via a web URL using the identification code provided to you. When you speak to the clerk that is managing the hearing, you must identify yourself as a “Gallery Member.” Although you will be able to observe the video conference, your camera and audio will be muted by the managing clerk to prevent disruption of the court proceedings.

If you need additional information regarding ZOOM, please visit their website at https://zoom.us.

Past Events

If the hearing has already been held you can make an online public records request for a copy of the hearing. Visit our Digital Recording Request web page to submit your request. There is a fee associated with these requests, please refer to the fee schedule.


Beginning June 8th, 2020 Justice Court will be performing weddings via ZOOM Monday - Friday. In addition, Justice Court will also be performing "in-person" weddings outside of the courthouse with social distancing guidelines in effect.

Call (520) 724-3505 to schedule your wedding date and time, and to receive further instructions.